Fishing at Danube near Baja

River fishing is an interesting way to catch fishes in a flowing water...


My first zander

My first zander I had caught by spinner fishing.

My first catfish

My first catfish I had caught by spinner fishing.

1.5 kg asp

I had started spin for fishes and this is my first big catch.

near 2 kg Carp

23-07-2016  - 2kg Bream

2 kg bream - Danube, Baja - Tóthpál István
We went to fish at morning. There were lot of bites and I caught lot of breams. It was a very fishy morning. :-)

Some hours later, when I checked the bait at one of my pole, my friend said that something bites on my other rod.

We had been surprised when we saw what had I caught. 2kg bream. Nice...

23-08-2015  - 2kg Barbel         

2 kg barbel - Danube, Baja - Tóthpál István

I was late when I went to fish. I had only some interesting bites until afternoon, but once I caught a barbel.

Its weight was 2kg.

I was very happy because I wished that I would like to catch carp or barbel. And I did. :-)


I marinated with salt, ginger, thyme and garlic then I fried it with bacon and thyme.



2kg barbel /fried/ - Hungary -

04-07-2015  - Breams Day

1 kg bream - Danube, Baja - Tóthpál István

1kg bream
Lot of small breams


23-03-2014  - My first big bream

1,5 kg bream - Danube, Baja - Tóthpál István

1,5kg bream

21-08-2013  - Fishing at Danube

Nowadays we were several times at Danube and we caught breams from small ones to 2kg ones. We usually release them, but sometimes we fry or make fish soup from them.

Once I caught a Barbel. It was my fist one and I had fried it with bacon.

fried barbel

Yesterday I have caught my fist carp from Danube with some bream. I have made a good fish soup (Bajai Halászlé) from them.

my first carp from Danube