Hi, my name is Tóthpál István (István Tóthpál in English). This site is about me.


My biggest fish that day - 12,5kg carp

My biggest fish that day My biggest fish until 2013-05-25

I like fishing...
Lake Warali (Warali-tó), Baja, 2013

I had caught my biggest fish ever at Baja. It had approximately 12,5kg weight.

My biggest fish that day (7kg, 2015-02-22)My biggest fish that day (7.5kg, 2015-05-09)

I like fishing...
Lake Warali (Warali-tó), Baja, 2015

It was my first fishing day in this year and I had caught five carps.
( 7kg, 5.2kg, and small ones )

And some months later I had caught five bigger carps again. Three of them was approximately 7kg.

My biggest fish in this year (9kg, 2015-09-06)
I had to wait until september to get the biggest fish in this year! Yeah it's weight 9kg! Cool!

I know that there is bigger fishes in the lake, so I'm working on catching them!


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