It's a new thing to me, although I took photos earlier, but I always had compact fully automatic machines with some programs. I always interested in how it really works, but I didn't spend time to understand it, but nowadays my friend gave me his old Canon 20D to try and learn.

The old Canon EF-S 18-55 objective worked, but sometime it dropped "Error 99". I searched the Internet, and ordered a cheap flex ribbon cable to it. Since I have changed it, the "Error 99" have gone to holiday. So my equipment is working well, I can try to take interesting photos.

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Danube at Baja - Hungary -  Cloudy sky - Hungary -  Rock in river Danube - Hungary -

Reflection - Hungary -

Harkály - Woodpecker -

Moon -  Moon -  Moon with ring -

Moon -

Flower -  Flower -  Flower -

Sunset -

Fog -  Fog -  Fog -

Tree -  Fishing on Danube -  Danube -