Microsoft is above the law


Maybe you think it's just a joke or I'm just a silly man, but if They can do this, then everybody can do everything and if you listen to me, you wouldn't want that.


First of all, I've asked everybody to buy and use genuine software and other products and after this incident I haven't changed my mind. But now I ask everybody not to use and buy MS products and services, but choose other manufacturers and service providers to buy and use their products and services.


the story: ... about how MS thinks collecting and using your datas..... Messenger, Skype, ....

I bought an XBOX 360 slim console and I had registered to XBOX Live services. When I'd registered I had to give some personal datas. It had created me an XBOX Live account. The surprise was that I had created a Messenger account too and that wasn't mentioned when I had registered.

The problem is that I had given my personal datas to XBOX Live and not for Messenger, and I had only registered to XBOX Live service. So MS illegally used my datas to increase their Messenger user's count and had made public them through Messenger.

Nowadays I have realized, that MS repeated that illegal data usage, and just because they want, they have created me a Skype account too. The problem is that I have never registered to Skype and I haven't give any of my personal datas to Skype, but they did and made them public again through Skype.

Nobody can register me/anybody to any services without my/their permission. Nobody can use my personal datas to other way then we agreed for.

MS is big so they think that Microsoft is above the law!

And just to understand, XBOX Live service different from Messenger and Skype services and there haven't ever installed Messenger and Skype to my XBOX. And there is a big surprise? that Skype is not the Microsoft. Skype belongs to Skype Communications S.à.r.l. and that is a different company in a different country. So how my personal datas went to Skype??? I have never get in touch with Skype!

I think you already know that Win 7 phone users have the same problem. And also the newer windows phone users too, except the newer registrations won't get messenger account. And I think now you know, that every online MS account have the same issue. ( online Windows and Office accounts too )

MS sais that if I decode their code, - just because I'm wondering what are they doing on my computer, - than I would be a hacker ( I haven't did that ), But I say they are the biggest hackers at all, who use all datas of everybody as they want. Microsoft is above the law!


The correct way would be to create differrent accounts is that they display at registration, that I agree that they create me the other account too with the same datas, and there is a checkbox where I have to mark that I accept. I hadn't been!


The other issue is that I asked them at Online Support to delete that account, and they haven't done anything. I went to lawyer and He asked them again in letter to delete these accounts. But they haven't done anything. The accounts are still exist.

The accounts and the datas are my property and I have the right to tell what to do with it, So they whould have to delete them when I asked.

They know that all about this they did are all illegal, so they keep clear of answering or communicating with us, If you say that it is illegal the online chat suddenly disconnects. But not answering and not deleting are also illegal!
Microsoft is above the law!

Microsoft Profiles - Microsoft has created! No delete available!

This is the true story, and I'm not just talking, there is a law at Hungary (2011. year CXII.) which also grants me that rights! And I'm hungarian, I've bought the XBOX in Hungary, and I've registered to XBOX Live at the console which was in Hungary that time.  There haven't been installed Messenger or Skype.

I have a notebook with Linux installed and my phone's operating system is Android. Nobody have installed Messenger or Skype to these devices. So my household is immune from Messenger and Skype.

I haven't get any notification about the creation of these extra accounts, so I don't know the login informations, maybe you can say "the universal MS account", but the CTRL+C and CTRL+V never makes universal accounts. My mind the universal account means, that only one account exist and I can use it to login from different sites, but the other sites don't know anything about the universal account until I haven't used it at that site. Because I have never signed in with this ms account at Skype it shouldn't be exist and shouldn't be connected to ms account! So it's just an illegal copy of my datas!


They can write as many terms as they want, they are responsible for that illegal data usage. I don't turn on my XBOX since I have realized that they made Skype account to me, so new terms is not respect to me. But I've read the current, there is nothing about connected account creation, and it sais you can create MS account or Skype account. 

After this, What do you think about Windows 10?

Do you grant access over your datas at your computer?

Microsoft is above the law!

If you would like to remove the trojan virus from your Windows computer, just boot from an install media and type fdisk, format and install a different OS.


Links about why not to use Microsoft products, Skype, ...


I have the right for pivacy as everyone else, and my private life is just my business and it doesn't concern to Microsoft or anyone else! Everybody can access datas from my private life only I've shared at this site. This is my ONLY Internet profile!

As I'm a programmer and photograper and maybe more, Only I have the right to my intellectual products and the brainchilds of them and I'm giving access to my datas for NOBODY! And it is uninteresting that I know or have something exciting or not or what is the purpose of illegal access!


And for answering to Microsoft's question: How I'm writing? Usualy in Hungarian but sometimes in English! Mostly I'm writing lot of private letters or login informations as most of the users of any devices and these are not Microsoft's business!


You can find manuals how to turn off Windows 10 data collecting (for example:  ), but I don't realy think it's all.

Because I don't have time to check all the Windows machines with these setting, so I banned them from our office networks and WIFI-s and my Home too.


Microsoft is above the law!