Curriculum Vitae - Tóthpál István

Name István Tóthpál
Nationality Hungarian


2010 LCCI B2 Business English Certificate (Intermediate)
2009 (1992-1996) SZTE (JATE) programmer-mathematician
1999 Certified Novell Administrator (CNA) Novell Netware 5.
1988-1992 III. Béla Secondary Grammar School

Work experiences

2010-2013 Galla Társas Ltd

System Administrator
Main tasks:
  • maintenance of the computers, network devices of the Ltd
  • maintenance, update, backup and support of the Ltd's ERP system
  • making reports as required from ERP, usually with MSSQL queries

2010 ÁGOTA® Foundation

System Administrator
Main tasks:
  • maintenance of the computers of the Foundation
  • maintenance, update and developing of the website of the Foundation (CMS)

2009 Astron Informatics Ltd

Software developer
Main tasks:
  • developing self used applications in PHP/MySQL/Linux environment
  • support for local users

2007-2008 Kiru-Fon Ltd

T-Mobile partner office and service
Main tasks:
  • mobile phone mechanic
  • front office clerk: personal customer contact with the clients of service
  • (dealing with complaints, mobile phone take over/give out)
  • suppliers contact: accessories and service part sets maintenance, order and administration

2006 II. Rákóczi Ferenc Primary School

System Administrator
Main tasks:
  • the school computer network overall supervision, maintenance and extension
  • building new network parts

1997-2005 Hi-Net Ltd

Main tasks:
  • service (computer building, setup/installation, service, backup)
  • sales, price quotation
  • network planning, building and maintenance
  • dealing with warranty cases
  • ATRT microwave Internet installation

1996-1997 NICO Ltd

Main tasks:
  • supervision and maintenance of the firm's computers
  • participation in the development of the Ltd's software projects
  • participation in the development of the Lotus Notes projects

Professional Skills

  • Linux, Apache and MySQL server skills
  • PHP, MySQL skills
  • Novell Netware skills
  • Windows, Microsoft Office applications: Word, Excel, Access knowledge
  • Internet knowledge at programming and user level (HTML, CSS)
  • English language (intermediate)
  • 'B' category driving license


  • besides my existing knowledge, skills and experience I would like to learn more
  • developing my English
  • learn new language (spoken / programming)


  • Travelling, trips, getting to know foreign cities and countries
  • getting new experiences
  • photographing

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