It's a new thing to me, although I took photos earlier, but I always had compact fully automatic machines with some programs. I always interested in how it really works, but I didn't spend time to understand it, but nowadays my friend gave me his old Canon 20D to try and learn.

The old Canon EF-S 18-55 objective worked, but sometime it dropped "Error 99". I searched the Internet, and ordered a cheap flex ribbon cable to it. Since I have changed it, the "Error 99" have gone to holiday. So my equipment is working well, I can try to take interesting photos.

See my photos at:


You can check these photos below too how I developed my skills in photography.


Danube at Baja (exposure time 2s) - Hungary -  Cloudy sky - Hungary -  Rock in river Danube - Hungary -


Reflection (long exposure photo)

Reflection - Photography - Baja, Hungary - Tóthpál István -

It was taken with long exposure settings on a cloudy day in winter (in february), meanwhile I caught fishes at Lake Warali in Baja, Hungary. The trees were reflected on the lake and I took this interesting photo from that. (Exposure time: 8s)


Harkály - Woodpecker -

Moon -  Moon -  Moon with ring -

Moon -  Moon -

Flower -  Flower -  Flower -

Flower -  Flower -  Flower -

Winter - Rose hip - mobile photo -  Sunset -  Clouds over fields -

Fog -  Fog -  Fog -

Tree -  Fishing on Danube -  Danube -

Fürge gyík - Lizards -  Lódarázs - Wasp -  Széncinege - Great tit -

Tulip -  Tulip -

Working bee at thyme -  Working bee -


Mobile photo

There are some differences taking a photo with mobile or DSLR camera, but I think you can take good photos with mobile to internet/screen view.

example: differences between mobile and DSLR camera -

I took these photos in different days from near 1.5cm diameter rose hips. I don't have special macro accessories so I used the 18-55mm kit objective.

Mobile has some advantages like it is smaller, always with you, has easy to share functions and you don't need to lug and change accessories like objective. But it has also disadvantages too, the first you may realize is the changeable optics that gives advantages to DSLR cameras (e.g. the difference between digital and optical zoom).

example: differences between between digital and optical zoom -

I took these photos in the same time. After the I took the original scene, I tried to take zoomed photos from the exhausted tree and its reflection on the water. The final resolution of pictures are near the same (mobile:13MP DSLR:8MP). As you can see in small size the fully fit picture looks similar, but when you see it in original size you can see that optical zoom has more details.

There are mobiles with some optical zoom and nowadays most of the mobiles have more than one cameras at the backside, so they can make interesting good photos. Also the DSLR cameras have new functions and also there are new type of cameras e.g. MILC. The choice is yours...

I have a Sony mobile, one time the camera stopped working well, it took unclear, out of focus photos. It looked that the focus stopped working and the photo was blurred. As it was in warranty I asked Sony Mobile Support if they could repair it without software update but they said no, so I bought a new camera module and I repaired it myself. The new camera worked well, but the camera len was worn so I had to change that too. (There is no any later software tuning on these three photos, as it was taken just resized)

When camera focus stopped working, the left side was always unclear - Sugovica - Baja -  When camera focus reapired, but not so crisp beacuse of the worn camera len - Vajas - Érsekcsanád -  When everything works well again - Érsekcsanád -

Now it works as a new one.

Sunset at Danube -  Sunset at Danube -  Fishing on Danube at sunset -

Sisakos sáska - Acrida ungarica -  Kardoslepke - Scarce swallowtail -


Sunset at Danube - Baja

Sunset at Danube, Baja, Hungary - Tóthpál István -

A panoramic photo was taken while I was fishing at Danube - Baja, Hungary. I took three photos at sunset on Christmas Day with my Sony Xperia XA mobile. At home I combined them to one beautifull panorama photo. Now it looks like I saw the scene that evening.



A sort test timelapse video created by my Sony mobilephone:

A sort test timelapse video created by a mobilephone - - Tóthpál István

It was created in Full HD at sunset, but later I added the reverse video, cut the bottom black trees and then converted to smaller animated gif. I held my phone in my hand, so there is a little tilt and viration in the video.



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