Linux is an operating system like DOS, Windows, MacOS, ...

Currently I'm using Mageia Linux distribution with KDE Plasma desktop.


There are several packages (e.g. LibreOffice, Firefox browser, VLC media player, GIMP ...) in it, you can choose at install and can modify them later at Control Center.

SysInfo - Linux - Control Center packages - Linux -

You can easily install addon packages, - like e.g. Google Chrome, - from their website.

I'm developing this site on a locally installed webserver (Apache,PHP, MariaDB), so there are server packages also available in it. I have contributed and tested on this local server a Drupal Module - Evaluate forms were made by Webform module

Wide range of developer / compiler tools are available for developing in asm, c++, qt5, java, html, php, mysql, opengl, ... so far some external solution e.g. Android Studio.


I've been using Linuxes approximately since 1994. I've tried different distributions like Debian, Fedora, Mandriva,... too. I think I can do anything with Linux I would like to, You can choose some example from the menu.

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