Evaluation of forms were created by Webform Module at Drupal.org

It is a Drupal module, developed by me. Works with forms were created by Webform module.


EvalWF 6.x-1.0 came out in 2009 for Drupal 6, and worked well since Webform has changed a lot. Because I didn't had time to continue developing this module, it remained in that version, even so some website still could use it years later.

When I had some time, I learnt a bit about Drupal 8, so a new version for Drupal 8 is currently under development, you can download from drupal.org. Now it is compatible with Drupal 10 and 9 too, EvalWF 8.x-1.1 version coming soon.


Module's system requirements :


  • Webserver with PHP 8.1
  • Drupal 10
  • Webform Module 6.2

minimum for v8.x-1.1:

  • Webserver with PHP 7.0
  • Drupal 8.5
  • Webform Module 6.0

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