War Thunder

3D War game for Linux


If you like fighters, bombers, tanks, warships and more, you should try this game. You can play with historical vehicles worldwide. This is a Multiplayer Online Game where you can play with historical vehicles of different nations. While you are playing you collect coins and research points for developing other war-machines or upgrades.

It's free to register and also you can play for free, but you can earn more coins (silver lions) if you play as premium.

This game works under Linuxes, but also available for other systems like Playstation, Mac, Win and so on... Preferred hardware: 3d graphics card, 8GB+ RAM, 40GB free space on disk for full client.
It worked for me on Mageia Linux with inCPU Intel HD630, currently I'm using 16GB RAM and an NVIDIA card. (5.10.33-desktop-1.mga7 kernel, 460.73 nvidia driver, War Thunder

If you would like to register you can follow my invitation link:


If you register at this link, you will receive 50 golden eagles (premium coins).

Silver Lions and Golden Eagles

There are two currency in the game:

(silver lions) The default coin. You can earn when you play and then you can spend it for researched vehicles, repair, ammo, upgrades and so on, expect premium content.

(golden eagles) The premium coin. You can spend for premium account, premium vehicles and other premium contents, silver lions.

Premium account and premium vehicles

You can play as premium for desired days. When you play as premium you collect more silver lions and more research points. You can by premium account for golden eagles or as package at store.

You can purchase premium vehicles. You collect more rewards when you play with them. You can purchase them for golden eagles or at the store as a package.

The Store

You can buy premium coins, vehicles, packages for real money.

You can register at: http://warthunder.com/en/registration?r=userinvite_80042786


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