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Android Studio on Linux with the Hello Example


On old Mandriva Linux and NetBeans IDE 8.0 I could write simple apps to my old Android 2.x/4.x, just the Android tools and SDK needed, - and maybe that works nowadays too, - but it was easier to setup the necessary environment to Mageia Linux 9 by installing Android Studio.

Download the Android Studio from:

I've installed as root: (maybe needs this privileg for updating too)

I had got a tgz file and extracted to /usr/local folder with the following command:

tar -xf android-studio-2022.3.1.19-linux.tar.gz -C /usr/local

Run and configure at first time as user:

/usr/local/android-studio/bin/ &




libGDX - Android Studio - sample game on Linux and on Android emulator


There are so many cross-platform development possibilities, I've just tried libGDX.

As their websites sais (, there is a multiplatform empty-project generator and e.g. Android Studio can open this generated project.

I found their sample game's code there and added to this empty project to try it. (have to download free pictures and sound files too) After some changes in configuration I can run it on my Mageia Linux 9 and on Android Emulator too at the same time. I also connected my old Sony mobile and it works well on it too.

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