Photo / Video Editing


There are several tools for Linuxes to draw or edit an image or photo. Here is some that I could use to enhance my photos:



Gimp - Linux -


The Free & Open Source Image Editor



digiKam - Linux -


Professional Photo Management with the Power of Open Source



DarkTable - Linux -



LightZone - Linux -


"LightZone ( is a professional-level digital darkroom and photo editor for Mac, Windows, and Linux."


Hugin Panorama maker

Hugin Panorama maker - Linux -


Hugin - Panorama photo stitcher



Kdenlive - Linux -


OBS Studio

A good tool to capture the screen / a window to a movie file. You can record e.g. your gameplay video with this.



CEWE - Linux -


You can order things like photobook from them.


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